Thursday, June 9, 2011

A little over the end of school

Thanks to our January move, I've just finished my second 'end of school' in six months. I didn't do it with as much joy as I probably should have. There, I've admitted it. Sometimes I think the whole thing exists to see how frazzled the Mums will be by the end of it.

Parties, portfolios, pizza, panic birthday parties (for the kids with birthdays during the holidays), plates to bring, (run out of 'p' words), concerts, discos, soccer games, art shows, farewells. Times four. Phew! Plus my final exams for Bahasa. And our 'end of year' was heavily punctuated by gastro, which means we're all pretty weary, and a little bit grumpy. Mostly me.

But when my children finish in exactly one hour, they will have finished 18 months of school without a long break. Quite an effort! They will finally progress to their next year level, after having to wait patiently for an additional six months due to our move. They get to celebrate, by having their first TWO MONTH holiday, as we are following the U.S. system. Oh, and with a trip to the dentist this afternoon. Just the type of Mum I am. 

So I pause, in my final hour of quiet before two months of noise, to reflect on their start to school in Jakarta. Generally it has been pretty fabulous. The boys are happy. The school impressive. It has been hard for my little men to be moved from what was familiar and wonderful in Adelaide. They miss their mates. But I was encouraged when one of my boys had to farewell a classmate here to Cambodia. He told me he might miss this boy as much as his Adelaide friends. I could see how surprised he was.

I'm excited about our break. Mostly because I won't need to set my alarm for 5:30am each day! And of course there is our holiday to America and one to Bali. Then Tony's Mum visits, promptly followed by my sister and her family. Much to look forward to. The two months will fly. Wonder how sane I will be by the end of it...?

But for now, I thought I would gather a few photos from the boys start here... So glad I have another 12 months before we do all of this again!

Indonesia Week

                                                                                    Wacky Hair Day (below)

Go Caleb! New school record for the mile run!

                           Dressing up like the teachers                                                   Star of the Week

                                                        Luke's first belt in Tae Kwon Do

                                                      So much fun together at athletics!

         Chinese New Year                                                                                  Field Trip to the Zoo


141: A great school.
142: Fabulous teachers.
143: My boys, who love to learn.
144: Different experiences.
145: Kids from all over the world, in one place, to learn from.
146: Two months holiday!
147: Visitors to look forward to.
148: My Bahasa course finished - I'm free!
149: Anticipation of much noise.
150: Boys excited about finally going up a grade!

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