Monday, August 22, 2011

Our expensive child

Luke Miles is 7.

I remember when my waters broke. On the 29th of June. A week early. And the look of absolute horror on my man's face. Followed by the words, "Do you think you can wait?"

You see, on the 1st of July, the government were introducing the 'Baby Bonus', which meant they were willing to throw $3000 our way. But not on the 29th of June they weren't. No sir-ee! Cross my legs I did not. And after my most difficult labour thanks to a crooked head, our third little boy entered the world!

At his birth and beyond, this babe rarely cried. Happy to look around the room and absorb all that was happening. Silent. Content. With big eyes. "Delightful" was a word I used most frequently to describe him. 'Light and Merciful' is the meaning of his name. How apt. 

And he grew, constantly striving after being one of the 'big boys'. Tough being the most accurate word to describe his approach to all things physical. Not a tear during the 15 or so (some rather nasty) vaccinations before we moved overseas. Throwing his tiny frame hard into his brothers' games so that he could be one of them. Earning respect along the way. Especially from his Mum & Dad. The one who could not hold his shorts up due to his distinct lack of a bottom, yet managing to do everything one handed whilst holding his pants with the other.

So tough, yes. Did I mention vague? Oh my! Shirt on inside out, shorts back to front, shoes on the wrong feet, hat on sideways. All at once. Lost goggles, drink bottles, containers, balls, shoes (just one of a pair!), socks, thongs, notices, caps...I really could go on!!!! And hard to gather his attention when he has a non-fiction book or ball in his hand - which is pretty much one hundred percent of the time (except when he is holding his beloved teddy, Spencer). And when you call his name, it takes a little while for this boy to hear and respond, so entrenched is he in his own 'Luke world'. Like when you are kissing him good night, and he says in a far off voice, "Mum, what's 169 times 169?" 

I love the enormous heart this little man has! And fantastic priorities. He loves his brothers with a fierceness I don't see in others. He cries about people not knowing Jesus, because he worries about their eternity. When I ask him to change into better clothes he replies, "But Mum, the bible says we shouldn't worry about what we wear!" He readily gives his money away to a charity an older brother started. He is happy to play with his brother's friends, because the mother of this undemanding son often forgets to organise play dates for him! Must put that on my list...

His smile. The way he tells a story or sprouts the latest learned facts with such enthusiasm that he almost spits at you. Those eyes. Still big at those moments. His laughter, infectious.

So it appears we have forgiven him for the loss of that $3000. 

This son of mine. Joy and blessing beyond measure.

Giving thanks:

- God's timing.
- Contentment in my son. I can learn a lot from him.
- Generosity from my son. That too.
- Godly perspective from a little person.
- A big heart for people to know Jesus.
- An easy baby - every family should have one!
- The familiar sight of half of his bottom - always making me laugh.
- The way he still snuggles on my lap, playing with my hair. 
- His love for reading. Actually it is more about knowledge.
- The way he can't watch a footy game without running out of the room to play himself.


  1. Hi, I'm visiting from Ann's today. I loved your post. So very sweet. Your son is so adorable and sounds like he has a gentle and kind soul. I have to admit, I chuckled at your husband asking if you could Too funny. Look forward to reading more in the future.

    Maria @ Linen & Verbena

  2. Thanks so much for your encouragement Maria. And trust me - I laughed at the time too!!! :-)

  3. I have a Luke too, and they sound so much the same. Thanks for sharing. Rosanne

  4. How lovely for you Rosanne! Thanks.