Monday, September 5, 2011

My Dad

Yesterday was Father's Day in Australia, so my thoughts turned to my Dad... So much to be grateful for.

Giving thanks:
  • The way he loves my Mum. Completely. Unconditonally. He still says she is the most beautiful girl in the world. And means it.
  • The move he made at the age of 38 from a country town of 2000 people where he was born, to the city  to provide opportunity for my sister and I.
  • Very different politics. And the ensuing debates.
  • Watching storms together on the front porch. Silent. Content.
  • The really bad dancing he did. Surely (hopefully) for our amusement.
  • Piggy backs to bed.
  • Seeing the way he serves my mother.
  • His love for clocks. The familiar and comforting sound of ticking.
  • For sayings that will live on for generations.
  • His advice to me about marriage. And seeing him live it.
  • Meat & three veg whilst my Mum was at work. Apple, orange or banana for dessert.
  • Work first, play later. 
  • Lessons that you should never expect life to be perfect. 
  • Cricket in the driveway.
  • Dad watching me play sport. I couldn't have tried harder to impress him! 
  • "Ho Ho Ho"-ing around the house at Christmas. Mustered more joy than any Santa could.
  • Clean cars and mown lawns.
  • An education in football.
  • The fact he is still learning - going to a weekly discussion group re current affairs.
  • Routine, routine, routine. It's in my blood.
  • The memory of a winning grand final together at the MCG.
  • His competitive spirit.
  • Putting up with me as a teenager. I argued. A lot. 
  • He wouldn't let me kick a footy because it wasn't ladylike. How ironic now that I have four boys!
  • Encouraging good posture. Telling me to get my head up and shoulders back, and swing those arms, while he looked for the lost coins! 
  • Though strong willed and stubborn, he still listens to me.

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