Thursday, June 7, 2012

Real lessons from school

School is so different compared to 'back in my day'.

Today, I went to hear about my son's 'company' that he has been working in over the past six weeks or so. His class had to come up with the idea, and then organise themselves into various divisions and roles. They bargained with the Principal regarding the price they would pay for rent of their classrooms, use of the computers, and brought in an expensive consultant (the IT teacher) to assist with technology issues. They created surveys and spreadsheets, worked out projected costings, and created stocks for parents to invest in the company. 

It culminated in three days this week, when they ran the company, complete with paying customers in the form of students and teachers. The two other classes in that year ran their companies simultaneously.

These kids raised about $2000 over those three days. 

The money is being donated to their 'sister school' within Indonesia. They have been supporting this school for 10 years now. From incredibly humble (poor) beginnings, each year they have used the funds provided by these 'companies' to build the shell of a library, then the carpets for the library, then air conditioning for the library, then the books for the library, then one laptop... Each year the resources improve, and those kids have a better chance of gaining an education that could potentially alleviate some of the poverty within their families, and ultimately in their communities. 

They have the only library in the region. Millions of children in this world do not have any access to any books. Glance over at your bookshelf.

I love that my boys are not busy raising funds for their own school. For better equipment and facilities for themselves. Instead they are excited to be contributing to children, and therefore communities, who need the most basic things that we all take for granted.

We could all learn from them.

As I look around there is absolutely nothing I need. But so much I could give. 

Next year, my son will go and visit the 'sister school'. See what his time and effort contributed to, in the form of books, or soccer balls, or stationary...whatever was most needed. 

And I hope he will know the truth of "It is more blessed to give than receive" (Acts 20:35). How incredible to see the evidence of that at such a young age. 

May this boy of mine be a different man as a result.

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