Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hugging an orangutan.

It was my youngest son's 5th birthday. He spent his 4th birthday in hospital with a partially collapsed lung. This year was going to be an improvement...


51: Holding an orangutan.
52: CJ seeing (and holding) an orangutan, after believing by the time he was old enough, they would be extinct.
53. Bony bottoms on my knee.
54. The softness of a jaguar's fur.
55. The weight of an adult jaguar on your lap.
56. Sweet memories.
57. Holding a (very grumpy) lion cup.
58. Seeing the look of delight on my boys' faces.
59. Hearing the excited shouts of the boys as they decided which animals they would like to hold.
60. Brothers hugging.
61. Feeding zebras, noses through the car window.
62: Patting zebras.
63. Leopard spots.
64. Mist
65. Inside out clothes on LM.
66. Seeing the three older boys choose two soft toys to give to their brother for his birthday, one of them spending all of his money.
67. Riding elephants together.
68. Having an elephant race.
69. Throwing bananas into elephant's mouths.
70. Giraffes. Because they are beautiful. And have unique markings. And long eyelashes.
71: The vibrant colours of macaws.
72: The monkey who caught the carrot.
73: Cool air for the first time in months.
74: Wearing jumpers.
75. Boys not wanting to take jumpers off, because they had forgotten how cosy it felt.
76. Chasey.
77. Waterslides.
78: Wet hear, plastered to tired heads.
79. Zebra manes, short and spikey.
80. Boys legs running.
81. Freedom in Christ.
82: Being able to dress in standard clothes, with hair out.
83: Mosquito repellant.
84: CJ's excited shouts. Lots of them.
85: Warmth of the sun.
86: Four heads looking over a railing.
87: A. driving safely.
88: Meals in the fridge, ready to eat.
89: Giraffes' necks.
90: Baby monkey, clutching the Mum's belly.
91: Enormous claws.
92. Listing our 'favourite things' at the end of the day. Choosing was hard.

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