Saturday, April 9, 2011

Moving to another land.

I have decided that moving overseas with four children is a lot like having a baby.

The anticipation is wonderful, but there is underlying fear. Then comes the work and the exhaustion.

But in it all, you realise that people have gone before you and survived. And it has been wonderful.

So you are spurred on. You arrive. And despite some low times, there is so much to be grateful for. 

It is a privilege.

As you wonder what the babe in your belly will look like, who that little person will become, what hopes they will have... so you wonder what this experience will bring. What will my four boys remember? How will it change them? What will they hold for a lifetime as a result of this short period in their lives?

And then I remember to trust. To read the verses that brought us here. To know that the Lord has a good plan. 

That just like He knows every day of a babe's life, so He has gone before our six figs in faithfulness and love.


1. A warm little body snuggled next to me, reading books.
2. Plunging into clear blue water, with many laps ahead to think and pray.
3. LM's little mouth trying to envelop an enormous burger.
4. The smell of hot bread.
5. The opportunity to learn another language.
6. First coffee with a new friend.
7. Hair, messy in the wind.
8. Wrapping gifts for AC's 5th birthday.
9. Coffee with TJ in the middle of his work day.
10. Our first weekend away from this busy city.


  1. such a beautiful post Pauline. Gives me some re-focus too; for my remaining 3 months.

    I was feeling happy already tonight, and now feel even more thankful. God is good, even when I forget it!

  2. Thanks Scotty! Glad you were encouraged. And excited that you made a comment!!!