Monday, October 3, 2011

40 gifts at 40

I'm loving being 40 so far. I'm three days in.

It's always good to pause, reflect, give thanks. On these milestone moments, it is an obligation. So here is my gratitude list. I will try and stop at 40...

1.  Saving faith in Jesus.
2.  17 years with this man, 15 of them as 'one'.

3.  Caleb James. Bold & impetuous. Joyous.
4.  Ethan Davis. Strong & steadfast. Faithful.
5.  Luke Miles. Light & merciful. Soft-hearted.
6.  Ashton Charlie. The happy one. Delightful.

7.  Love in a painting. A gift from my family.

8. Cards that make me cry.

9.  Words of life. A gift from my Mum & Dad. 

10. My sister. Always the more sensible one. Loved.

11. Old friends. Bound by walking together. Shared time, memories, laughter, tears.
12. Abundant love, displayed by my dear friend who is traveling from another country to celebrate my 40th.
13. Flowers that made their way from Australia. Wrapped in faithfulness and love.
14. Captivating lights on my birthday night. Each one a little shaving of God's glory.

15. New friends. Still much to learn, many steps to take. But each one a gift.
16. The ability, and desire, to run.
17. Education. And the opportunity for more.
18. Learning a little more each day of what it is to live for Him.

19. Living in a country so different to the one I am from. 
20. Learning a new language.
21. My past life as a police officer. The way it impacted my very being.
22. Potential for new direction. Building on before.
23. A surprise cake made by Caleb without me knowing. 

24. Feeling like I'm in my twenties, but not behaving like it.
25. Excitement about the next decade with my man and my boys.
26. The privilege of travel while we are here. AC asked, "Mum, are we going to a different country for your birthday?" Apparently that is normal for him.
27. Knowledge that no matter what the circumstances, God is good.
28. Cheeky coffees from my man. His is on the left.

29. Greater understanding of our relative wealth. 
30. Promptings to simplify.
31. A Grand Final coinciding with my birthday, and the result. If you are Australian, you will understand.
32. Boys snuggled in close, leaping up occasionally with excited shouts.
33. Cubbies whilst watching.

34. Grace. Need it every day. Offered every moment.
35. Bubbles and brie. 

36. Baclava. No more words needed.

37. Serving. Leading women in the Word.
38. Memories of my babes, now boys.
39.These eyes. These smiles. These gifts.

40. However many days are left. May they be for His glory.



  1. Just stopping by! What a beautiful list. So much to be thankful for! And those little lights- how wonderful. I grew up with 3 brothers, no sisters myself so it was a blessing to see the gifts your boys are in your life. :)

  2. I loved the coffee picture. :)


  3. Thanks! And re the coffee, I loved that too. This morning we are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary, so he gave me the shape of rings intertwined. Sweet!