Monday, October 24, 2011

Anticipation & Intimacy

With a contented sigh I sit.

I have just been given a belated 40th gift. The most wonderful gift. In the form of a dear friend. She travelled from Australia to Jakarta, leaving behind her husband and three tribe members. For ten days. Ten days!

And it was perfect.

It began in an airport. With me staring at the glass doors. Willing them to produce her. Each time they opened, the anticipation. My stomach flip flopping around. Hardly able to contain myself. Wondering how to suppress excited squealing when I saw her.

I started to think about weddings. About the suspense before the bride entered. I have only been on the other side of those doors. What did my man feel in those minutes before that dress of white appeared and was carried with joy down the aisle?

Which lead me to consider our meeting with Jesus. We are the collective 'bride'. Does He feel great expectation moments before we finally meet face to face? Is there a sense of mingled excitement, joy, relief?

These ponderings helped me to pass the time at the airport.

Ten Days of Bliss followed.

Relaxing. Exhausting. Active. Quiet. Luxurious. Witnessing poverty. Laughter. Lots of it. Serious conversations. Precious hours of just us. Time with the boys. Creating more shared memories.

Someone knowing you so well means little needs to be said, but much can be. Nothing is held back. Vulnerability isn't present, because there is nothing to be protected from. Just acceptance. Honesty. Love.

Again, Jesus. Our relationship with Him now should exceed any intimacy we have on this earth. Imagine what it will be when we are able to see him. Be physically present with him. It far exceeds my limited imagination.

But I do expect it to be awesome.

If these ten days were so incredible, can I conceive of a perfect eternity? Can you? Do you share the hope, anticipation, confidence?

I'll leave you to ponder as you await those doors opening.

Giving thanks:
  • Faithful & generous friendship.
  • A weekend away together. Bliss.
  • Walking through rice fields and 'kampungs'.
  • Laughter. So much laughter.
  • Being known. And loved.
  • Giving her respite from the hard work of being a Mum.
  • Meeting our sponsor child for the first time, together.
  • Reading bibles alongside one another.
  • Hearts broken by poverty. The accountability that comes with that.
  • The farewell dance party the boys organised.
  • Supportive husbands who gave us so much time.
  • The love and interest shown in my boys.
  • Hours in the car. Nothing to do but talk and nap.
  • Endless coffees, lunches, drinks, shopping...because we could.


  1. wow- what a gift! someone who knows us, long and deep- and can come visit! He is an extravagant Giver. Blessings to you from uganda

  2. so fun! I can't imagine what heaven will be like, it's an overwhelming thought really.

  3. . . . and it will be soon! You look beautiful with your friend! I have a bestie since childhood. I think I'll call her tomorrow. :) I turned 40 and it was no big deal- then my son turned 10 and it almost killed me! :)

  4. Kelly - you are so right! Other Kelli - thank you! And did you call?