Monday, December 12, 2011

When will I learn?

Yesterday one of my boys was sad because he had been in trouble. Feeling sorry for himself, he opted out of a treat his brothers were enjoying. One of the remaining three bounded up to me, joyfully asking if he could have his brother's share.


Where is the concern for your brother, I asked? The compassion? The love? How can you think about yourself when someone else is feeling sad?

I realised I do the same thing. I'm a slow learner. Apparently.

Yesterday we spent considerable time shopping for and delivering nine boxes for Ethan's 'White Box Foundation'. You can read about how his foundation started here:

The boxes were delivered to people with hardly a possession. A number of the recipients were found sifting through rubbish in the hope to find some food. They are unlikely to have much food tomorrow. Or the next day. 

And I spent my afternoon wondering if I should buy that pair of shoes I saw. The green pair. The perfect green pair.

How is that any different to my son? How can I be so quick to pick up on their character flaws? And very slow regarding mine.

Ever so grateful for a patient God.

What about you? What are your children teaching you?

 Giving thanks:
  • Boys who give.
  • Boys who love.
  • Boys who fail.
  • Boys who teach.
  • Boys who forgive.
  • People who give to the 'White Box Foundation', so that my boys can give to others.
  • Home made Christmas decorations, holding the memory of their little hands.
  • Carols, played hesitatingly on the piano.
  • Carols by a gorgeous Indonesian choir.
  • 'Christmas market' gifts from the boys, one which caused tears to stream - from laughter, not joy!


  1. Thank you for sharing the blessing of your boys' hearts. They made me smile. :)

  2. My husband always says that he learns more about his faults when correcting one of the children than he does in searching his own soul... ;)

  3. @Stacy Thank you. They make me smile too. :-)

  4. @journeytoepiphany You have a wise husband!!