Friday, January 6, 2012

5 Minute Friday: Roar

                "Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking."



Always equates to water.

I think oceans.  Waves beyond measure. To be conquered by those crazy enough to love a surf board or boat, and wait for the day which will provide fantastic fodder for 'they were this big' stories. And the ferry ride when indeed the ocean did roar, and our mind and bodies failed the test miserably.

Storms that sway trees until the roots are stranded above ground, looking out of place. Lightening and the resultant thunder that makes slippery boys run from trampolines, knowing that it maybe isn't ideal timing. The wind that drives the rain horizontal; no escape.

Rapids alongside us in Yosemite, accompanying indescribable beauty. Attracting leaf races from my boys, but yielding fatal power on the underside. Wildflowers adjacent, looking meek, juxtaposing the bellow of the whitewash.

Standing under waterfalls. Laughter gushing forth. Memories made. And walking alongside the 'mist' driving off another, rising to the top believing we had conquered something great. Peering over the edge attempting to fathom the force below. 

His power, so clear in all of this water. Power that reminds me to bow down to the creator, to the One who has all power on this earth. And also to let go of what I thought I was controlling. I'm miniscule. He is not.


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  1. This was so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.