Friday, January 27, 2012

Impending seasons

In my last couple of posts I have written about the seasons in life, looking at the past two years. It was prompted from reading, and loving,  'My Seventh Monsoon' by Naomi Reed.

2010 was a season of preparation for our family. As I gaze back there was clutching, perseverance and farewells.

2011 was a season of adjustment. It swept in loneliness. Quiet. And gratitude.

2012 has arrived. We find ourselves for the first time in a couple of years no longer fixated on the preparing and the arriving. We are just doing life. Which is a huge change. Because that is something unique when you move to an entirely different culture. You are largely consumed by adjusting to it. Which in a bizarre way provides its own comfort. A certain rhythm.

Along with life becoming more normalised, comes that desire to know what is ahead. The idea of controlling all that the future will usher in. I love control. Have I mentioned that before?

So we talk. About our travel plans this year. Which seem pretty exciting actually. About our study plans, which make me break out into a sweat because it also means moving in an entirely new direction. One I'm unsure of. Then the study leads to a new career plan. Which I lack confidence in. And finally, inevitably, the conversation turns to our eventual return to Australia. But to which city? Confusions reigns on that question.

None of the 'answers'  to the agenda items are in clear focus. Murky. There's a word to describe our attempts at wading through. Seemingly further into the depths of the unknown. Honestly, just wanting those tropical storms that happen every day outside my window, to wash away the uncertainty. 

What will the seasons of 2012 be? Ah, therein lies the beauty. I'll tell you next year.
And because he's reigning, I don't need to know how the season will turn out. I can live within the season right now and I can enjoy it. I can resist the temptation to start peering around the corner to get a glimpse of the next season. Instead, I can look for the truths that he wants to show me, right now, in this season, in the middle of the rain. Naomi Reed

Are you able to predict any seasons in your life for 2012?

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